has this been done yet

i hope you step on 7 legos omg

It’s really hard to make a bed when you’re slightly drunk

I just thought you should know

these are my tags for that post going around for the tag thing

you must know what i’m talking about. i’m sorry i’m not entirely sober.

i didn’t have anything for also.

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#i’ll never understand the world

i’m watching ellen on dvr from today

they’re drinking margaritas. i’m drinking a margarita.

and i made these fuckers really strong whoops


Went to the dog park yesterday, saw this:


Went to the dog park yesterday, saw this:

today a girl (anyone my age-ish is a girl) bought a udi’s pizza and i said, “oh my gosh, we have these?!” and she was like, “I was shocked too!” and then she talked about how city market only has the df/gf ones and i said i can’t have gluten OR dairy and then we bonded over college days and the days (and months and years) before we figured it out because both of us had like the same experiences.


more tattoo artists need to just say “nah dude, i’m not doing that”

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Target doesn’t seem to carry my face wash anymore

I don’t know how I feel about this

No. Matt Cooke has NOT changed. He is still injuring hockey players to the extent that it ends their season. He is a piece of shit scumbag and I will NOT tolerate you trying to argue that he’s “changed” and that it’s okay that he hurt Barrie last night. HE HIT HIM KNEE-ON-KNEE. He’s out for the entire playoffs now with an MCL injury. Get your head OUT of your ass and stop defending a man who doesn’t deserve any more chances. Yes, I’m a little biased because he ENDED ONE OF MY FAVORITE HOCKEY PLAYER’S CAREER and WAS NEVER PENALIZED FOR IT. But. If he HAD changed, he wouldn’t still be injuring opposing players to this extent. He needs to be kicked out of the league. He’s a sorry excuse for a hockey player. He deserves absolutely anything bad ANYONE wants to say about him (short of death threats, no one deserves those).

I’d be embarrassed if he was on my team. I wouldn’t defending him.

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